Scheming To Get My Stepbrothers Dick

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Spikey Dee, Emma Bugg’s stepbrother, is the object of her intense crush. She is determined to obtain that D and won’t give up until she does. Emma hides her phone and acts as though she can’t locate it when she learns that Spikey is nearby. Spikey returns it without noticing her after finding it. Emma decides to take things a step further by waiting until Spikey is brushing his teeth in the bathroom before she joins him in just a towel. When she waits and drops the towel, he quickly exits the room.

Emma is irate and rushes to Spikey’s bedroom to confront him about not looking at her. She desires to be sexualized by him. She gets into bed with Spikey and briefly displays her pussy to make a strong impression. She then taunts him by saying she’s leaving. Emma lets Spikey get her back into getting back into bed so she can watch him masturbate since she knows she’ll get blue balls if she doesn’t. Together with that landing strip snatch, she offers to show him her tits. Once the stepsiblings start masturbating together, they get way too aroused for either of them to be able to resist the desire. Emma requests to deliver a handie, which results in a blowjob and, of course, fucking.

Emma moves down while straddling Spikey’s hips till her tight twat is completely impaled. She reclines and starts to stiffie ride with her hips. The angle of entry varies in the most delectable way as she leans forward. Spikey glides on home in a doggie to the sound of Emma’s groans when she turns around. Spikey dives deep between Emma’s thighs while they complete the fight with her on her back. The stepsibs concur that their relationship has taken on a sensual new dimension when Emma has finished savoring Spikey’s sperm shot.

Pornstar: Emma Bugg

Release Date: Feb 24, 2023

TAGS: Big AssBig DickBlondeBlowjobEmma BuggGirl BoyGirl OrgasmPOVShaved PussySmall BoobsTan Body

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