Two Step Sisters Get Stuck

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Kiara Cole and Rosalyn Sphinx, Codey Steele’s adoptive sisters, sneak into the bathroom in towels while he is having a shower. They strip down to their underwear and pour a glass of cold water over Codey’s head. Their antics push Codey over the limit, and he vows to avenge himself. Later, the girls are half-naked in their room when Codey storms in. They instruct him to go, but he hears the females struggle a few minutes later. He returns to their room to discover them both trapped in their bunk bed’s ladder. Codey takes advantage of the situation by spanking both of their arses and then exposing his cock for Kiara to suck.

Rosalyn’s miniskirt is then flipped up and Codey slips inside her from behind. She’s trapped, but she’s nice and wet for her brother, who delivers it to her quickly. He treats Kiara the same way, slapping her about like a dog. Codey ultimately frees them and then promptly calls in their pledge after Rosalyn says that if he gets them out, they’ll fuck him nice and right. While Rosalyn cradles Kiara’s shoulders, she opens her knees so Codey may continue his pussy hammering. Rosalyn uses the bunk bed to assist her balance as she climbs onto Kiara’s face to ride her adoptive sister’s lips as Kiara begins to enjoy herself.

Codey falls down on the bunk bed, and Rosalyn gets on to give him a stiffie ride in her naked twat. Kiara kneels alongside them, licking Rosalyn’s clit in order to make her sister moan. Rosalyn drops down on her knees alongside Kiara after hopping off Codey’s dick. The girls work together to produce a double BJ, leaving Codey ready to nut hard on both of them for a facial that leaves both females cum coated and happy.

Pornstar: Kiara ColeRosalyn Sphinx

Release Date: Feb 21, 2020


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