Whos Your Favorite

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Jason has traveled to see Allie Addison, his married niece, and Harmony Wonder, her stepsister. When Uncle J asked Harmony whether she wanted to go to the fair with him, the two girls ended up bickering over it as Jason entered. He claims that if the two females get along, he will take them both. Uncle J’s offer, rather than improving matters, makes them worse. When the girls begin to argue, Harmony explains that she must be the favorite because Jason previously let her to suck his dick. Although Jason reminds out that it was meant to remain a secret, the harm has already been done. Allie now wants a turn licking Uncle J’s cock.

Uncle J is chased into the bedroom by the girls, who corner him on the bed, where Allie removes his trousers and begins sucking. Harmony has no intention of letting Allie have all the fun. She stays there for a few moments, feeling up her little titties and large ass till she can’t handle it any longer. She switches positions with Allie, but the two females are soon sucking together. Harmony eventually gets up and slips down on Uncle J’s dick as Allie comforts her. The females then trade roles once again.

Following another BJ, the ladies take turns climbing on top of Uncle J to experience what it’s like to ride his cock. Harmony has the first try, but Allie quickly follows with a reverse cowgirl ride for Uncle J. Harmony rides it on her back as Allie rides it on her face, and the ladies are having a blast with Uncle J’s enormous cock. Then Allie mirrors Harmony’s previous position, complete with having her stepsister’s pussy on her mouth. On her belly, Harmony gets it from behind as she feasts on Allie, who’s also on her tummy. As Uncle J gets close to cumming, the girls lay side by side so he can fuck them both. They finish their threesome with their mouths open to welcome his nut on their faces. Now the girls are getting along great to go to the fair as a happy group.

Pornstar: Allie AddisonHarmony Wonder

Release Date: Feb 28, 2020


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