Stepbrothers Little Dicky

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Anthony Pierce, Alicia Williams’ stepbrother, and Alicia Williams engage into a fight over the final cupcake. Alicia takes it first, then teases Anthony by saying she recently saw his tiny dicky in the shower. When Anthony attempts to counter, Alicia spreads icing from the cupcake on her nipple and tells him to lick it off. When Alicia’s mother arrives, the stepsiblings’ arguing is halted, but Alicia isn’t finished with Anthony. She waits until he’s in his room before teasing him again. Anthony pulls her trousers down and attempts to contact Alicia’s mother to report her for flaunting her pussy again again.

Alicia slams the door, irritated, and asks Anthony what his problem is. He instructs her to suck his dick, and she complies since she believes it’s so little she’ll be able to swallow it all. Alicia, on the other hand, is intrigued by Anthony’s hardon. She can’t help but go on the bed and start sucking away at that lovely cock, which is considerably bigger than the last time she saw it. It’s not difficult to persuade Alicia to fuck her stepbrother from there. As she rides Anthony’s fuck stick and goes down to fill up her tight little pussy, she’s already nice and wet.

Alicia begins in cowgirl mode, but quickly rotates around so Anthony can pinch her round ass cheeks while she keeps the party going. As her stepbro shoves his dick all the way inside, she crawls down on her hands and knees and rocks back to meet Anthony. Alicia’s doggy-style pussy hammering hits all the right points, causing her to groan long and loudly, but she’s not through yet. She rolls onto her back and raises her legs to allow Anthony to reenter her. He pulls out and covers Alicia’s naked twat in come after bringing her off one last time. Alicia initiates another argument while running her fingers through her stepbrother’s jizz, and Anthony promptly tries to get her in trouble with their parents.

Pornstar: Alicia Williams

Release Date: Jul 9, 2021


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