Give Me Some Credit

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Lily Larimar has lost her job and is now unable to pay her phone bill. She enlists the assistance of her stepbrother, Tony. Tony isn’t happy about the bill, which is for Lily and her boyfriend. When Tony declines to assist, he retires to his bed. Lily waits until Tony appears to be asleep before sneaking into his room and stealing his credit card. Tony finds her in the act, and Lily declares that she will go to any length to obtain Tony’s assistance. Tony doesn’t want to clean the dishes or eat breakfast, but he does want to see his stepsister. He promises Lily that he will give her a lesson.

Tony recommends they fuck after telling Lily she’s been looking incredibly gorgeous recently. Tony insists that’s all she can do for him to have her phone bill paid, and Lily attempts to reject. She begins by opening her cheeky lips and eating the D off her tab. Lily gets Tony all worked up by sucking, caressing, and even paying attention to his balls. Her next mission is to climb into bed and take down those shorts and thong so her brother may view her hard ass and tight tiny pussy. Tony can’t wait to fuck Lily the correct way.

Tony rams into that small twat, turning Lily onto her back. Despite her reservations, Lily seems to like having her stepbrother’s dick buried into her. She mounts Tony and rides him like a little cowgirl. She then turns around for him to watch the way her ass jiggles as she continues on her journey. Tony’s fuck stick has Lily shrieking with excitement when she gets down on her hands and knees for a doggy style fuck. She continues their frolic by sucking Tony’s dick till he fills her mouth with a large load of sperm that drips down her face. Tony offers to pay Lily’s phone bill because she was such a terrific lay.

Pornstar: Lily Larimar

Release Date: Aug 28, 2020


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