My Selfish Stepsister Needs Dick

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Theodora Day’s stepbrother, Jay Romero, comes in on Maya Woulfe and Theodora Day chatting about girls at school. Theodora tries to get Jay involved in the passionate exchanges, but Jay simply reprimands her for making everything about herself and walks away. When Jay encounters the females the following day, they are once more engaging in gossip. This time, while lifting Theodora’s shirt for a better view, he observes Maya praising Theodora’s tits. Jay enters the room quickly and pulls Theodora’s shirt down to protect his modesty.

The topic of apple bottoms comes up, but the females don’t stop making fun of their target for wearing the incorrect attire to accentuate her ass. Jay recommends that rather than talking shit about others, Theodora would benefit from getting fucked before school to let off some of her pent-up energy. Maya notes that Jay seems qualified for the position despite the fact that Theodora hasn’t had a boyfriend in more than a month. Maya eventually assists Theodora in getting to her knees so Jay can ram his dick into his stepsister’s pussy after some prodding from both girls.

After assisting the stepsiblings in getting going, Maya pulls her own thong aside and masturbates in front of the others while they watch. Maya is drawn in by Theodora so that she can lather at her BFF’s hairy muff while Jay continues to give it to her. As Theodora rides Maya’s tongue in cowgirl pose and it’s Maya’s turn to get her pussy pounded, she accepts Jay’s cock on her back. Theodora is on the back as the girls switch, enjoying Jay’s fuck stick. When Theodora is on the bottom and Maya is knelt on top as the females form a 69. As Jay beats Theodora in dog, Maya can diddle Theodora’s snatch from that position. A dive to his stepsister’s mouth is also an option. The girls get down on their knees and share Jay’s cock before he surprises them with a dual facial as a prologue to the double BJ that will follow.

Pornstar: Maya WoulfeTheodora Day

Release Date: Jul 22, 2022


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