Step Brothers Dying Wish

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Tony, Alina Lopez’s stepbrother, receives some mail from Alina Lopez. He goes to tell Alina that he has a terminal illness after reading it. She offers to be there for him, and he admits that he adores her and wishes to spend his life with her. Alina mulls over the situation and decides to grant him his dying wish.

She begins by allowing Tony to feel her natural breasts and large hard nipples. Alina rises to her feet and removes her shorts and skimpy underwear, exposing her bare twat and spreading her ass cheeks for her stepbrother to enjoy. Then she turns around and gives him the complete Alina treatment, licking and sucking his cock and balls in a mind-blowing blowjob.

Alina goes to the top of Tony’s bed and slides down on his firm fuck stick. She rides him in both ways before collapsing on her back on the bed, allowing Tony to pound her pussy from above. She guides Tony with her joy moans as he eventually lifts her off her hands and knees. She repays the favor with another BJ, giving her stepbrother a mouthful of come as a gift. Alina inquires about the letter as they bask in the warmth, and learns that Tony is not, in fact, dying.

Pornstar: Alina Lopez

Release Date: Mar 16, 2018


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