We Shouldnt Be Doing This

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Nala Nova is constantly on the lookout for fresh ways to get under Jackie Knight’s skin. She discovers his phone and proceeds to go through his photos. Nala believes she’s hit gold when she discovers a dick pick. She waits for Jackie to come over and demand his phone, then tells him she’ll give it up only if he shows her his cock. The stepsiblings argue for a while, but Nala ultimately wins and gets to view her brother’s hardon up up and personal.

Nala isn’t about to let Jackie put it away now that he’s consented to whip it out. She reaches out to rub the length, then pulls him in close so she can sample the tip with her tongue. Meanwhile, Jackie succumbs to Nala’s insistence on having his hands all over her, from her tits to her hot little twat. When Nala takes her leggings down, Jackie agrees to press himself all the way inside and take his sister as she lays on the bed groaning in delight.

Nala rolls onto her stomach and spreads her ass cheeks to attract Jackie back inside. He rests his hands on the bubble butt and gives Nala the appropriate pussy beating she craves! She climbs on top of Jackie and rides him in her naked pussy, giving as good as she gets. An ecstatic wave sweeps over her as she turns onto her back and inserts her hand between her legs to stroke her clit. Jackie pulls out a few seconds later to cover Nala’s silky twat with his brotherly love.

Pornstar: Nala Nova

Release Date: Mar 20, 2020


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