You Cant Wear That To School

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Nikole Nash has missed the school bus and needs her stepbrother Jayrock’s assistance. He accepts, but informs Nikole that he must change. Nikole declares that she will simply wait there. Jayrock notices how naughty his stepsister is dressed at this point. He can tell she isn’t wearing underwear to protect her cooter because her skirt is so short. Nikole goes down on her knees and raises her skirt to show Jayrock the complete package, encouraged by his reaction. Jayrock attempts to persuade Nikole to stop, but she can tell he’s losing patience with her. She climbs out of bed and grabs Jayrock’s hardon to begin rubbing it.

Nikole rubs her clit against her head as she leads Jayrock to the bed by his dick. He attempts to persuade her that they can only do this on the outside because he is unable to conceive Nikole. Nikole pops her titties out to play with her nipples while she rides the tip of Jayrock’s cock. She then adjusts her hips to allow Jayrock to enter. Jayrock capitulates and gives in to a nice time with his small sister once the barrier of merely the tip has been shattered.

Nikole keeps pushing Jayrock to fuck her correctly, rubbing her clit to deepen her profound enjoyment. She flips over onto her stomach so he can grip her ass while giving it to her from behind. Then Jayrock climbs onto the bed so Nikole may suck his juices out of him and ride him. Jayrock has an amazing view of Nikole’s jiggling curves thanks to cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Nikole goes on her back and exposes herself completely so Jayrock can go crazy on her landing strip snatch when she’s got enough. At the last moment, he pulls out to cover Nikole in cum. Nikole decides to change into a more acceptable outfit so she may return to school after her morning fun, giggling.

Pornstar: Nikole Nash

Release Date: Sep 18, 2020


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