Step Sister Confessions

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Kiara Cole, a sultry little spinner, enjoys bossing her stepbrother, Brad Sterling, around. The couple agrees to an interview about their strained relationship. Kiara summons Brad into her room during the interview to request that he wash her laundry. Brad takes out his dick and jacks off into her panties as soon as she walks out the door. Kiara discovers the truth later, when she gets dressed and discovers Brad’s surprise.

Kiara storms out into the living room, nude, to confront Brad about the filth. Brad pointing out that his stepsister is nude, and Kiara ridiculing him about his small dick becoming erect, their debate shifts to Brad pointing out that his stepsister is nude. Brad calls Kiara’s vagina gaping as they each defend themselves, and their back and forth continues to escalate. Brad eventually takes out his dick to show it’s not little, and Kiara begs him to put it in to show her vag isn’t gaping. She insists she won’t feel anything, and Brad is anxious to disprove her.

Kiara can’t believe how fantastic it feels to have her stepbrother’s stiffie within her. She quickly finds herself sat on Brad’s lap, leaning on his thighs for support as she embarks on a full-fledged ride. Kiara continues to encourage Brad to hammer her thirsty snatch while molding her ass with his enormous hands while on her hands and knees. Brad pulls out and pops all over Kiara’s filthy underwear once again as he’s ready to shoot his fill.

Pornstar: Kiara Cole

Release Date: Apr 19, 2019



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