Good Little Bunny

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Emma Stone, a perky little spinner, is getting into the Easter mood by wandering around her house dressed as the Easter bunny. When Emma enters the living room, she discovers a message from her mother informing the kids that she has organized an Easter egg hunt with a pink egg stuffed with cash. Emma sets right to work, exploring the entire area for the pink egg. As her skirt runs up her ass, she has no idea that her stepbrother Kyle Mason is watching her search and like what he sees.

Emma eventually discovers Kyle’s bad behavior and confronts him. He informs her that she is wasting her time since he has already discovered the cash-filled egg. Emma is in desperate need of money, so she pledges to do anything it takes to get Kyle to give her the money. He doesn’t say anything about performing his duties or anything, but he might use a helping hand. Emma is disgusted, but she needs the money, so she quickly finds herself holding her brother’s dick. He quickly escalates the situation by wanting a blow job in exchange for the money.

When Kyle tells Emma that she’ll have to fuck him if she wants the money, she gets down on her hands and knees on the sofa and lets him do the dirty work. She didn’t expect to appreciate her stepbrother’s dick inside her as much as she does, which makes riding his fuck stick easy as she works toward her goal. Kyle gives Emma a favor by ensuring she cums before pulling out and jizzing all over her stomach. When he’s done, he informs Emma that he hasn’t located the egg, much to her dismay.

Pornstar:  Emma Starletto

Release Date: Apr 12, 2019


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