The Big Bad Wolf

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Whitney Wright is a huge Halloween fan, especially when it comes to dressing up and going out to parties. She talks on the phone with her boyfriend about the party they’re going to evening. Whitney’s stepbrother, Nathan Bronson, listens in as she tells her lover that his costume has arrived and that she would only wait for him. Whitney informs Nathan he won’t be able to attend the party and then closes the door in his face. Nathan retaliates later by dressing up as Whitney’s lover and approaching her while she is watching a movie. Nathan makes his intentions apparent by lifting Whitney’s miniskirt. Whitney is completely engrossed.

Nathan teases Whitney’s clit with his thumb as he slides her thong aside. She eventually admits that she can’t wait any longer and that she requires her disguised beau’s cock. She pulls her titties out of the costume so she can fondle them as she rides that sitffie in doggie. Whitney notices something isn’t quite right as she turns around to start sucking her masked lover off. She wants to see her boyfriend’s face, but when she removes the mask, she discovers it’s her stepbrother. Whitney may be enraged that her stepbro duped her, but she like his dick within her and decides to keep it going.

Whitney climbs into Nathan’s lap and slips into her brother’s hardon. As Whitney bounces away, he keeps her hips in place. She then turns around and leans forward, pressing her tits into Nathan’s face as they continue their celebration. When Whitney collapses onto her back, Nathan pulls one of her ankles into the air, allowing him to pound away at her eager puss and give her one more large O. Then he pulls back and uses come to cover her twat and thighs. They can’t bask in the glory since they’ll be discovered, so they promise not to tell anybody.

Pornstar: Whitney Wright

Release Date: Oct 16, 2020


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