Step Sister Practices Cpr

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Haley Reed is studying to become a lifeguard, but one of the skills she must possess is the ability to react quickly in an emergency. Jay Romero, her stepbrother, offers her assistance in honing her skills. Jay watches his sexy stepsister practice her rescue skills, but he can’t help himself when Haley lays Jay down on the bed and tries to give him CPR. He grabs for Haley’s breast and palms it.

Haley can’t help but feel a strong attraction to Jay, so she’s easily persuaded to take things to the next level. It doesn’t take much coaxing to get Haley to open wide and offer a decent suck as Jay pops his stiffie out. Haley wiggles her ass directly in front of Jay’s face while on her hands and knees in her bikini, knowing full well that she’s putting on a show for him. They continue in this manner until Jay peels off Haley’s bottom and assists her in climbing up to ride his fuck stick.

Jay goes up to thumb Haley’s huge and delicate hard nipples as she shakes her hips and screams at the pleasure her big brother’s hardon is providing her. As she lays onto her back and lets Jay lick her bald snatch clean, Haley’s luscious fluids scent the room. Haley begs Jay for more when he replaces his tongue with his cock. When Haley rolls onto her hands and knees so Jay can fuck her in doggy, Jay delivers. Jay cums all over Haley’s ass and meaty pussy as he nears his big climax, giving her a treat to run her fingertips through so she can suck them clean.

Pornstar: Haley Reed

Release Date: Oct 23, 2020



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