Jealous Step Brother

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Jane Wilde is on the phone with her new love interest when her stepbrother Kyle Mason walks in and overhears her laughing. Kyle ultimately convinces Jane that she is seeing his best buddy after some prodding. That doesn’t sit well with him since he wants his stepsister for himself and is envious of his buddies. Jane teases Kyle after obtaining the truth from him before approaching him to see where this would lead.

Jane teases Kyle with a peek of her breasts while wearing her shirt on and rubbing her nipples to hard tiny peaks. As Kyle attempts to hide his hardon, she turns around and adjusts for him, giggling. Kyle pushes his dick out and is pleased to watch his stepsis’s eyes widen as he finally decides to let Jane see it. She can’t stop herself from trying a bite. Her first few licks become a full-fledged BJ. Jane genuinely wants her stepbrother to fuck her now that she’s seen how messed up he is.

Jane removes her trousers and spreads her pussy secretions all over Kyle’s fuck stick. She then goes down on him, allowing him to piston into her from beneath her, while he clutches her ass to keep her in position. She turns around and continues to let Kyle determine the tempo while moaning happily. Jane then gets on her stomach on the couch so Kyle may hit her from behind as she clings to the couch’s edge for dear life.

Jane flips onto her back, her thighs open wide for her stepbro to bring her home one last time before he pops. He pulls away at the last possible minute, just in time to cover Jane in jizz. Kyle concedes to feeling better, which Jane points out is a good thing because it means he won’t be as envious when she fucks his friend.

Pornstar: Jane Wilde

Release Date: Sep 27, 2019


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