Convincing My Princess Step Sister To Fuck

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Winter Bell, a blonde princess want tobe, has a crush on a boy at school but isn’t sure how to catch his attention. Today’s aim will be to dress up like a princess and take a slew of scandalous selfies. When she’s finished photographing, she enters the living room and is accosted by her stepbrother, Damon Dice. Damon rips on Winter, describing her as a simple b*tch. In response, Winter retaliates by telling Damon what a jerk he is. He considers it and determines that he can be pleasant in this situation. He offers to pose with Winter in photos so that it appears like she is dating an older man in order to make her crush jealous.

Winter invites Damon to stand behind her in a sexual position she wants to fake up while they take their shots. Damon is attentive to his sister’s requests, but he succumbs to temptation when she is on her hands and knees. Damon lifts up her skirts and puts her thong aside while Winter is distracted so he can slam right into her tight pussy. Winter is curious as to what Damon is up to, but he soon persuades her that if she wants to garner the attention she desires, she must know how to fuck. Winter eventually becomes his willing learner in this setting. While shaping and paddling Winter’s hard ass, Damon gets to keep tapping that doggie style.

Winter turns around and grabs her brother’s dick in her mouth, sucking. Damon pushes her to go deeper till she’s chomping down on his man meat. Then he lays down on his back, allowing Winter to climb to the top and learn how to ride a hardon. Winter tosses her bead back in joy as she takes Damon deep into her naked pussy while rocking her hips. Damon gets another chance to love on her bottom when she turns around for a reverse cowgirl ride. He pulls out to fire his load all over Winter’s face, chest, and tummy as she lays on her back one more time. Willow takes one last cum soaked snapshot with her phone and remarks on how beautiful the photographs they received today were.

Pornstar: Winter Bell

Release Date: Jun 12, 2020


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