Two Fore One

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Alex Blake and Whitney Wright are getting ready for a golf open competition at their buddy Kiara Cole’s place. To change, the girls proceed to Kiara’s room. There, Whitney and Alex flaunt their tits and twats while dressing as slutty as possible. Kiara is concerned, remarking on her companions’ unsuitable attire. Alex Legend, Kiara’s brother, pervs on them from the doorway while they all watch.

Kiara’s brother soon spots her and asks whether the three is ready to leave. She tells Alex that he’s not going to hang out with them, then walks away to use the restroom. When Whitney and Alex encounter Kiara’s beautiful brother, they want to kiss him and flaunt their tits at him, so they get to work kissing him and flashing their tits at him. Whitney takes things to the next level by getting down on her knees and deep throating the enormous dick in front of her. Alex immediately follows suit.

Whitney leaps onto the bed on her hands and knees, removing her underwear so Kiara’s brother may fuck her as Alex watches and masturbates. Alex and Whitney declare that they like Kiara’s brother more than they like her when she loses her shit! Then Whitney drags Alex into the melee, giving up her excellent spot to allow her girlfriend have some cock as she feasts on Whitney’s cream-filled fuck hole. They alternate between loving Alex’s enormous dick and working together to finish him off so they can experience the salty thrill of his milk. Rather than going to the golf open, they opt to remain home and fuck.

Pornstar: Alex BlakeWhitney Wright

Release Date: Mar 29, 2019


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