Dont Pull Down Stepbrothers Pants

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Rosalyn Sphinx and her buddy Andi Rose are hanging out on social media and making fun of various males. When Rosalyn’s stepbrother, Robby Echo, returns home from school, the girls are still giggling. He ignores the females and goes upstairs to his room. Rosalyn defends her stepbro, stating he’s a fine man, when Andi tries to inquire about their connection. Andi gets up and goes off to Robby’s room to prank him after declaring that all males are assholes. Andi storms into Robby’s room, telling him that it’s a life or death situation, and that he needs to get his dick out for his sister. Andi puts both hands around Robby’s cock and massages it for a heated minute until it’s nice and hard, pushing him onto the bed. She then laughs at him and runs away.

Naturally, Robby heads into the living room to check what’s going on. He has Rosalyn stroke his back to soothe him, and he listens while Rosalyn informs Andi that what she did was truly heinous. Andi argues that since Rosalyn is so into Robby, she should just fuck him instead of apologizing or expressing any sorrow. Rosalyn admits that she would date Robby if he wasn’t her stepbrother. Rosalyn slides her fingers up and down Robby’s dick and tells him that he deserves a relief after what her buddy done as Robby turns around to inquire what she means. Rosalyn moves forward and begins sucking after removing Robby’s fuck stick. Andi is dismissive at first, but it soon becomes evident that what she’s witnessing has turned her on. Rosalyn, who is a forgiving person, encourages Andi to join in because she is the one who should be offering the apology. Andi realizes she’s having fuck sucking cock with her pal after a few unsure licks.

The girls are really horny as a result of their double BJ, and Robby has a pretty great dick, so it’s only natural that they want to take things even further. Rosalyn takes the first ride in reverse cowgirl, still wearing her miniskirt, as Andi fondles her clit. Andi is waiting for Rosalyn to jump off, slipping her thong aside and impaling herself on Robby’s fuck stick so she can ride him in cowgirl as Rosalyn licks her thighs and ass. As Rosalyn watches her BFF ride her beloved stepbro, she can’t help but lean back and diddle herself. Robby then gets Andi onto her back so he can continue to do her as she pulls Rosalyn down to kiss her pussy. Rosalyn takes a doggy-style pussy hammering from her stepbro while feasting on Andi’s creamy center as the girls trade places. Robby is encouraged by both females to cum in that position, and he follows through, pulling out to blast his load all the way up Rosalyn’s back. Andi is fully satisfied, and she agrees with her buddy that girls have a lot of sexual power.

Pornstar: Andi RoseRosalyn Sphinx

Release Date: Oct 1, 2021


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