Sweet Dreams For Step Sis

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Alexis Tae can’t get enough of spooky movies now that October has here. Tony, Alexis’ stepbrother, barges in on her while she’s covering her eyes from a particularly gruesome image. He warns Alexis that if she continues to watch that garbage, she will have nightmares. Tony advises Alexis not to come sobbing to him when she says she’ll be OK. He’s not shocked when Alexis sneaks into his room later that night and claims she can’t sleep. Tony is tempted to push his stepsister out, but when she places her hand on his dick and makes it apparent that she would offer him something wonderful in exchange for allowing her to stay, Tony relents.

Tony palms Alexis’ ass and admires how it looks in a thong, and Alexis makes good on her promise immediately away, spinning around on her knees. Alexis turns around and takes Tony’s firm cock out, leaning in to begin sucking him down. Tony urges his stepsis to give it her all as she deep sucks his dick, winding his fingers into her hair. Then he tells Alexis to go on his dick and ride him all the way into her trimmed snatch.

Alexis mounts Tony in reverse cowgirl after another quick BJ to rinse her pussy milk off his cock. Alexis climbs off and goes down on her knees with her head on the bed and her butt in the air, while the booty bouncing fuck fest really fires up both of their motors. Tony doesn’t waste any time in seizing the opportunity, plunging balls deep into Alexis’s warm embrace. He flips Alexis over and smacks her across the back of her head while they alternate touching her clit. Alexis goes back on her knees and sucks Tony off till he pops when she is fully satiated. Tony accepts that Alexis may stay now that she has fulfilled her part of the contract.

Pornstar: Alexis Tae

Release Date: Oct 9, 2020


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