Step Sibling Valentines Day Club

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Natalie Knight has seen a strong bond between her adopted sister Emma Starletto and their stepbrother Codey Steele. She has a feeling they are more than pals. While they’re lounging in the room together, he delivers Natalie a Valentine’s gift: dick candy and butt plugs with his dick buried at the bottom. Natalie is hesitant to do anything with Codey’s present because Emma is around, but Codey ultimately persuades her to provide a handjob. Natalie knows she’ll suck Codey’s dick as soon as she gets her hands on it. She keeps it up until Emma realizes she’s blowing her stepbro’s mind and loses it! Codey rushes off after telling Emma that her outburst is the reason they didn’t invite her to their Valentine’s Day club.

Later, Emma and Natalie enter Codey’s room hand in hand so Natalie can inform him that Emma want to join the Valentine’s Day club. At first, Codey is hesitant because he fears Emma may expose them, but Emma simply wants to be involved. He determines that as he observes, the adopted sisters should begin kissing in order for him to assess Emma’s sincerity. After that exhibition, Codey is still not convinced, so he informs Emma that she must watch him kiss Natalie and have her suck his dick without flipping out before she can participate in. Emma makes it through, and Natalie quickly pulls her in for a taste of Codey’s fuck stick as well.

Natalie turns around and flips up her pajama top, allowing Codey to stuff it in from behind. That worries Emma, but Natalie is determined to make them a happy family. While Codey is still fucking her doggy style, she pulls Emma near so she can eat her out. Then, when Codey goes into Emma for the first time, Natalie helps her conquer her concerns. Emma quickly understands that she has nothing to fear and that Codey’s fuck stick is fantastic! Natalie settles down with her pussy on Emma’s lips once she realizes Emma is committed, allowing Emma to completely participate in a sister sandwich. Next, Natalie and Emma switch places, with Emma putting her lips to the test in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl as Codey keeps Natalie’s celebration going. Emma then gets another trip on the D, this time in a doggie, as her adoptive stepbro takes her to the finish line. Emma’s formal admission into the Valentine’s Club is only one more step away. Codey rewards her and Natalie with a double facial that drips into their lips after they work together with their hands and tongues.

Pornstar: Emma StarlettoNatalie Knight

Release Date: Feb 7, 2020

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