Draw Me Naked Stepbrother

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Apollo Banks’s art project requires him to depict a naked model. His stepsister Liz Jordan finds it extremely strange that he selected his mother. Liz notifies Apollo that dinner is ready in his room. She then suggests that Apollo draw her instead, but he rejects the suggestion, saying it would be excessive. It wouldn’t be appropriate for him to become harsh. Finally, Liz says she’ll put her robe back on and they can stop if Apollo draws her and things become weird.

Later, Liz enters Apollo’s bedroom with him. She throws off her robe and climbs into bed, posing for Apollo to draw. Her nipples harden as she runs her fingers over her body, which only intensifies Apollo’s irrational desires. He doodles a dick busting a nut all over his stepsister’s portrait because he can’t stop himself. Liz is compelled to examine the painting, and she immediately realizes what is going on. Thankfully, she can also assist her stepbro in this. She promises to take care of Apollo’s requirements so he may create a better school photo.

Liz drags Apollo to the bed, releases his hardon, and begins sucking him off. Her BJ only makes Apollo more horny, but Liz can also handle that. She pushes Apollo to shove it in while spreading her thighs while jumping into bed. Liz is astonished by how wonderful her stepbrother’s dick feels inside her. She only needs to ride it in cowgirl mode and then turn around to continue bouncing while rubbing her clit. As Liz sags to one side, Apollo spoons behind her as she looks over her shoulder. When Liz gets down on her knees so he can do her in dog, he hardly misses a beat. Apollo gives Liz a firm, hard squeeze when she gets on her back before pulling away to blow his load all over Liz’s chest. Liz advises Apollo to begin painting her as she giggles.

Pornstar: Liz Jordan

Release Date: Jun 3, 2022


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