V Bounce Challenge

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When Keilani Kita’s stepbrother Jason comes in on her, she’s training for the v bounce challenge. She claims it’s the latest craze, and she’ll do it in her little little skirt to draw a lot of attention. When she demonstrates for Jason, it’s obvious that she’s not wearing any panties. He offers to video it if she bounces on his dick, but only if she bounces on his dick. She offers to fuck him in exchange for his filming her.

Keilani keeps her word and makes Jason tape her act before letting him tape her bouncing on his dick. She’s playful but not a cock tease, so once she finishes her film, she volunteers to assist Jason with his come. Keilani opens their thrashing session with a blowjob that involves both her hands and lips. Then she strips down to her underwear and rolls onto her back so he can ride in that cock hungry twat.

Keilani enjoys having Jason buried in various positions in her fuck hole, so she has him ride her doggy style next. Then she climbs aboard his hardon and takes him for a ride in her cream-filled snatch until he’s pressed all the appropriate buttons and she’s satisfied. Jason can’t get enough of his sister’s titties bouncing in his face as she rides his dick, but when she falls onto her back for the final time, he goes to town hammering that warm glove. He pulls away at the last second and gives Keilani a jizzy face that dribbles down to her breasts.

Pornstar: Keilani Kita

Release Date: Feb 22, 2019


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