Fun And Games With Step Sis

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Lacy Lennon and her friend Liz Jordan are playing poker when Jay Romero, Lacy’s stepbrother, shows up to torment them. The girls are nasty about him at first, but they ultimately agree to let him play cards with them. They sit down to play poker, but with a sexy stepsister and her hot buddy, Jay insists on raising the stakes to strip poker. Lacy loses a hand quickly and needs to remove her skirt, exposing that she isn’t wearing any underwear. Jay is treated the same way, and he loses his trousers.

Lacy and Jay are both ashamed, but Liz is completely engrossed. She begins by arranging things so that the stepsiblings can get a good look at each other, and then she encourages them to do more than that. It’s not long until Jay is buried balls deep in Lacy’s eager cooch, thanks to Liz’s coaching. Lacy goes in to Liz’s prodding and starts eating her friend’s pussy while she’s already on her knees.

Liz isn’t going to let Lacy have all the fun with Jay’s dick. She climbs onto her back and pulls Lacy onto her face, so she can suck her buddy while Jay smacks her. Lacy then sits on her tongue and Jay fucks her tight twat, mirroring Liz’s prior posture. When Jay takes a seat, Liz gets a rough ride. Lacy takes her spot for a cowgirl fuck when she gets off the D. Satisfied, the girls finish off Jay by working together to blow him up until he rewards them both with a large load, which they share with a long kiss.

Pornstar: Lacy LennonLiz Jordan

Release Date: Feb 19, 2021



Join Bratty Sis at an exclusive discount!