My Imaginary Brother

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Penelope Kay and her stepbrother Chase Arcangel have a strange relationship that’s about to grow much stranger. Penelope has decided she wants to tap into it, but she’s going about it in an unusual way. She waits until they’re alone, putting away the dishes, before turning away from Chase and chatting to her fictitious actual brother. Penelope stalks out of the kitchen, inviting her so-called actual brother to her room. She jumps into bed and proceeds to flash her tits to her pretend brother before asking whether he loves her underwear. When she decides to take things a step further, she’s stroking her clit and finger pounding her ravenous twat for her fictional brother.

Penelope grabs a plush bear and humps it while her boobs bounce from the action. Chase hears the noise and glances in the door to see what’s going on just as things are starting to look up. He can’t figure out what’s going on, so he walks into the room and confronts Penelope. Penelope informs Chase that she is having fun with her “true” brother, who is much bigger and fucks her. Penelope spreads her thighs and allows Chase to be the better brother by stroking her pussy. Chase is unsure, but Penelope isn’t going to take no for an answer. She removes Chase’s dick from his pants and reclines so he can stuff it in. As he gives her what she’s begging for, Chase finds his stepsis nice and moist for his dick.

Penelope repays Chase by pulling him into the bed and blowing him a titty fuck. She then climbs to the top and sinks into his hardon for a full-fledged stiffie ride. As she bends forward to let Chase feel those magnificent titties, she establishes a torrid rhythm. She eventually leans further back so she can get down to business bouncing about. Penelope groans and gets down on her hands and knees as Chase re-enters her and gives her the harsh pussy pounding she’s been craving. She ends up on her back, watching Chase screw her one more time before pulling out and coating her with his enormous load from her trimmed twat to her face. Penelope tells Chase that she no longer needs her imaginary companion because she can now fuck him anytime she wants.

Pornstar: Penelope Kay

Release Date: Dec 10, 2021


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