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A stepsister and an adoptive sister who really want to accompany Cole Church to a sold-out music festival are both in possession of supplementary wristbands. Natalia Nix questions immediately after Minxx Marii, who asks first. Minxx and Natalia both flee when Cole says that none of the girls is his favorite since they are blocking the television. A short while later, Minxx reappears wearing a thong that nicely accentuates her ass. She does a lapdance for Cole to demonstrate why he should bring his ass to the festival. Natalia takes off her shorts to give Cole a much better lapdance when she notices what Minxx is doing. The competition heats up as Cole hazily promises to deliver the ticket to whichever sister can remove his rocks the fastest.

Natalia gladly gives Minxx the opportunity to suck Cole off first. Minxx is quite skilled at it; she suctions her stepbro deeply and adds some wonderful tongue swirling movement to enhance the experience. When Natalia gets to blow Cole, the standard is set high, but she starts off with her tits out and her hot little lips poised to go. Before bending in and sucking Cole’s balls to intensify Cole’s enjoyment, Minxx offers Natalia some time alone. The females then turn around and each take off their underwear before showing them to Cole. They switch their insults to who can rape their stepbro most effectively while nude. Cole gets to take advantage of it as Natalia and Minxx glide down to give him a quick reverse cowgirl ride. As Natalia puts on quite the show, Minxx’s hands are all over her tits and twat. Cole offers to put money down for a third ticket so they may all go as long as they learn to get along with one another now that he’s gotten a little taste of it. The girls consent, and the group enters the bedroom to demonstrate their niceness.

As Natalia licks at Minxx’s titties, Cole finds himself on his back with Minxx giving him another stiffie ride. Natalia then turns over onto her back while Cole pushes against her thighs and Minxx rides her face. Cole keeps playing stud to the sound of their groans as Minxx and Natalia switch places. Natalia can easily support that claim because she is already crouching down, allowing Cole to give it to her as Minxx crouches down in front of Natalia to receive the same treatment for her pussy. Once more, the girls trade places so that Minxx receives a doggy-style pussy pounding while her adoptive sister is lying on her back in the ideal position for swallowing puss. Before Cole reaches the breaking point, the females all participate in one more round of pussy dominance on their backs. By kneeling together, Natalia and Minxx demonstrate their ability to cooperate. Natalia gets a facial before sucking the blood off of Cole’s cock to enjoy her reward with Minxx. To truly demonstrate that they are now one big happy family, the sisters share a passionate kiss.

Pornstar: Minxx MariiNatalia Nix

Release Date: Jan 21, 2022


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