Fathers Day Seduction

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For Father’s Day, Chloe Cherry and Sophia Lux joined together to woo their stepfather Charles Dera. Chloe kicks off the party by masturbating loudly in her room with a large thick dildo stuffed deep into her hairy pussy. When Charles eventually arrives to investigate the ruckus, he chastises Chloe for her immodesty. Chloe has her daddy just where she wants him, so she takes out a Father’s Day card to warm him up, then leans in for a hug, feeling his dick is nice and erect. Charles doesn’t like it when Chloe makes a pass on him, so he spanks her.

Sophia’s attention is drawn to the noise. She’s envious of Chloe and doesn’t want to be left out, so she masturbates loudly in the living room while having phone sex to get her father to spank her as well. Sophia gets her deserved thrashing, and Charles grounds his stepdaughter. She and Chloe join forces at that time to devise a strategy that would get them both a D. They wait till Charles is napping on the couch before lifting up the blanket he’s sleeping under and licking and fondling his dick. When Charles wakes up, he threatens the girls that if they act like naughty little sluts, he would treat them as such!

Chloe and Sophia follow daddy and line up side by side on the couch so he can fuck them both doggy style once they’ve been commanded to take off their clothing. After that, they roll over so Charles may hit Sophia as Chloe masturbates next to her sister. The daughters alternate riding their father in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. Then they finish Charles off with a double blowjob, leaving them both licking the results of a BJ well sucked from their faceses.

Pornstar: Chloe CherrySophia Lux

Release Date: Jun 7, 2019

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