Handling My Stepsister

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Juan Loco, Kyler Quinn’s new stepbrother, offers her the chance to live with someone who will always do her bidding. Kyler starts preparing Juan to handle her as shark week approaches. Sending him to the shop to get her tampons is the first step. Kyler makes Juan subject to several demands, this being only the first. All of his promises are kept, but Kyler informs him up front that she gets horny before her period, so he should avoid her unless he wants his balls drained.

When she summons Juan to her bed and requests a foot massage from him, Kyler’s threat comes true. At first, everything is as Kyler had predicted, but she keeps pushing him to go higher. At some point, he can no longer move much higher without stroking Kyler’s pussy. Juan makes an effort to retreat, but Kyler forewarned him about her horniness, and she is not allowing him to do so at this time. She coaxes him to place his hands on her tits before pushing him backwards so she can perform some of her own touching. Juan is anxious to find out what more his cock-crazy stepsis can do to him as Kyler pops his hardon out of his pants and attempts a deep throat BJ.

Kyler starts out by riding Juan’s fuck stick while straddling his hips and squatting down. Juan dutifully goes balls deep into her ravenous cooch as she hops off the D and gets down on her hands and knees so he can do her in. Juan may perform some spooning sex on Kyler by rolling to her side, and she then turns onto her back to let Juan continue to do all the work for her enjoyment. Kyler offers Juan her blessing as a nice stepbrother who will make a great friend as he pulls out and nuts on her hairless twat.

Pornstar: Kyler Quinn

Release Date: Jan 14, 2022


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