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Because Zoe Bloom’s stepbrother Jake Adams is a perv, she and her buddy Isabella Nice videotape him jerking it in the bathroom. Jake exacts his vengeance by spying on the girls while they change into bikinis. Jake retaliates against the girls for threatening to show photos of his dick to the entire school by replacing their sunscreen with superglue. Isabella isn’t long until she’s stuck to Zoe’s back! The females demand Jake’s assistance in removing the adhesive, and he advises they try fucking to see if that helps.

Jake takes down Isabella’s bikini bottom and slides right into that cream-filled fuck hole when she decides she’s game. He hits her hard enough that her bottom quivers with each stroke, which Isabella enjoys but Zoe does not. Jake suggests that he bang Zoe as well to see if it helps, and she eventually agrees. She stares over her shoulder as her stepbrother fills her up and leaves her moaning, bended over the bed. Isabella’s hands get free as soon as Zoe cums. Zoe tries to eject Jake, but Isabella insists that she, too, should have an opportunity to cum.

Jake is back in Isabella’s hairy twat, and Zoe is watching the show and masturbating at the hot activity in front of her. Jake works on Zoe’s fuck hole while he uses his thumb to pull Isabella off, finally luring her back to her stepbrother and pal. He resumes slamming Isabella till she screams her joy as soon as Zoe has had another climax. As Jake gives his stepsister one more ride on his fuck stick, Isabella slides into her friend’s mouth to get her snatch feasted upon. He only accepts his stud money after ensuring that Zoe is completely satisfied, which he accomplishes by stuffing her with a creampie of hot jizz.

Pornstar: Isabella NiceZoe Bloom

Release Date: Sep 14, 2018


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