I Fucked My Step Brother Accidentally On Purpose

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Kyle Mason’s father recently remarried Cecelia Taylor’s mother, and Kyle’s father has told him not to let his new stepsister alone since she’s a terrible nympho. Kyle can’t help but notice how attractive his new redhead stepsister is. He can’t help but look when he sees Cecelia beneath the sink in a miniskirt that reveals her underwear. Cecelia spots him and persuades him to assist her in unclogging the sink. Despite his reluctance to go against his father’s wishes, Kyle finally agrees to assist his sister. Besides, he has a fantastic upskirt view from beneath the sink.

Ceclia splashes his jeans with water when Kyle asks him to run the sink to see whether the clog is gone. Kyle is irritated, but as he attempts to get up, he finds himself trapped beneath the sink. He begs Ceclia to assist him, but she instead insists on removing his pants to dry them. She then begins caressing Kyle’s dick to help him relax as he worries about what he’ll tell his father when he returns home. Of course, this just serves to irritate Kyle. Cecelia may have a boyfriend, but she’s not about to pass up the opportunity to try such a tasty cock. She pulls her thong aside and hikes her miniskirt up to impale herself on Kyle’s fuck stick to give him a test drive.

Kyle eventually gets out from under the sink, but before he can do much more, he finds his cock in Ceclia’s mouth while she gives him a deep throat BJ. Kyle is just a regular guy! He takes Ceclia’s pussy as she bends over the kitchen island and gives herself to him. It’s nice fucking Cecelia when she stands there leaning forward, but it’s much hotter when Kyle puts Ceclia on the counter and squeezes her titties while pounding that pussy. Kyle keeps continuing with Cecelia’s encouragement till he shoves balls deep and blows his load in a large creampie, leaving Cecelia satisfied.

Pornstar: Cecelia Taylor

Release Date: Jun 4, 2021


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