Touch My Body Challenge

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Marley Brinx has a YouTube account with her stepbrother Alex D. The Touch My Body Challenge is today’s video, in which you blindfold your partner and ask them to guess which part of your body they’re touching. Marley and Alex alternate turns, finally escalating the ante to the point that they’re using their tongues rather than their fingers. Marley plays a dildo on Alex, and in exchange, he whips out his fuck stick and sucks her.

Marley pushes her little finger in her ass and then puts it in Alex’s mouth so he can suck her stinky pinky to get Alex back. Alex puts his tongue in Marley’s mouth so she can taste her own stench, and they’re soon making out while Alex rubs her twat. Marley lets her stepbrother finger bang her creamy twat like putty in Alex’s hands before agreeing to put the blindfold back on one last time. Alex takes advantage of the situation and begins fucking her.

Marley initially complains, but the stepsiblings are soon tearing into it like rabbits. Marley takes her time suckling Alex before crawling down on her hands and knees and slapping him across the face with her juicy twat from behind. Alex gets the final laugh by letting fly a creampie of jizz in Marley’s hairy snatch after she finishes herself off by riding Alex’s fuck stick.

Pornstar: Marley Brinx

Release Date: May 25, 2018


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