Stepsis Is A Closet Freak

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Tony, Aubree Valentine’s stepbrother, has paid her a visit. She eagerly begins making arrangements as soon as she gets at Tony’s place. Aubree informs her stepbro that she only has one obligation tomorrow and that the rest of the trip is his to do as he pleases. Tony leads Aubree to her room and instructs her to make herself at home while he goes to the bank. When Tony comes to the flat a minute later because he forgot his money, he can’t help but overhear Aubree’s phone call, during which he discovers that Aubree plans to do porn tomorrow.

When Tony confronts his goodie two-shoes stepsister about her plans to perform porn, Aubree finally acknowledges that while she is kind, she is also a secret freak. Tony tries to persuade Aubree out of it, but she responds by asking that he assist her with her practice. Aubree seals the deal by lowering her miniskirt and turns around to twerk her gorgeous ass in her small little thong when Tony isn’t instantly into it. What guy on the face of the earth could say no to that? Aubree, on the other hand, is ecstatic to have her hot tiny tongue wrapped around Tony’s cock in order to satisfy her curiosity about how it tastes.

Aubree ultimately moves her lips away from the D, allowing Tony to shove it in. He slams Aubree’s thighs together to properly open her up for a pussy pounding, then flips her onto her hands and knees to show him what she’s capable of in doggie. Tony likes his weird stepsis so far, but she’ll need more than that for a pornography. He climbs into bed on his back so Aubree can show how she rides a cock in reverse and cowgirl mode. When Aubree eventually gets off and sucks Tony till he’s nuts in her mouth, it’s evident that she’s cut out to be a porn star.

Pornstar: Aubree Valentine

Release Date: Nov 5, 2021


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