Step Sisters New Job

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Coed with a bubbly personality Michelle Anderson was taken aback when she got a letter informing her that she owed a large sum of money. Tony, her stepbrother, arrives to see what all the fuss is about. He offers a few ideas about where Michelle can get the money she needs to pay the debt, but Michelle isn’t interested in any of them. She begs Tony to assist her since she knows he has the cash, but he refuses and goes to work.

Michelle is in Tony’s bed when he returns home later. She informs Tony that she has a new job: she will be doing pornography. Michelle is looking for Tony’s assistance with her next photo session. Tony attempts to act as though Michelle is fucking with him, but she insists on being serious. She can’t keep her hands off her stepbro because she wants to practice so hard. Tony demands that Michelle show him the goods by flashing her tits and ass for him before he commits. Tony decides to give in and allow his stepsis have her way after laying hands on her and feeling how wonderful and moist she stepdaughter. Michelle’s silky lips wrap around his hardon and suck him down almost immediately.

Once Michelle has demonstrated her amazing skills at sucking cock and guzzling the balls, she climbs into bed so he can see how good a lay she really is. She rides Tony’s hardon so nicely with that booty jiggling on every stroke. Then she sucks her own juices off and rolls onto her back so Tony can stand by the bed and bang her. Michelle touches her nipples and gasps in delight with her massive stepbrother’s cock within her, her hands on her tits. Tony gives his stepsis one last climax by slapping that ass while Michelle is on her knees taking it in doggie. Then he has Michelle suck him off so he can nut all over her open lips in a facial that persuades him she’ll be fantastic in porn.

Pornstar: Michelle Anderson

Release Date: Jul 23, 2021


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