Step Sisters Thong Bikini

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Lulu Chu has an issue that she can only overcome with the aid of her stepbrother Tony. She requires transportation to the beach. Tony is only interested if he receives anything in exchange. Lulu is cash-strapped, and they both know her buddy isn’t going to help her. Tony informs out that Lulu has a new thong bikini that she really likes. He’s a pervy freak, but she figures there’s no harm in letting him view her bikini. Tony isn’t content with simply looking at her in her swimsuit. He persuades Lulu to go topless, and it’s then that he notices her pierced nipples. In exchange for a quickie to take care of his big boner, Tony promises to drive Lulu and her buddy to the beach and even get them some munchies. Lulu is willing to play.

Tony takes Lulu’s hand and puts it on his crotch. She like the feel of her stepbrother’s enormous dick, particularly when she takes it out. She can’t stop herself from leaning forward and sucking! Despite the fact that Lulu claims to be in a rush, she takes her time administering a blowjob. They move to the bedroom for increased comfort once she’s ready to take things to the next level.

Lulu shows off her entire body for Tony’s approval, peeling off her little bikini. She goes down on her knees and invites him to touch her, which he gladly accepts. Lulu then lays onto her back, allowing Tony to dig his balls deep into the snatch. She gives herself totally to big brother’s dick by drawing her knees back. Lulu licks her own juices off Tony and then climbs atop to ride him in her bare twat as he gets on the bed. She then returns to her hands and knees, allowing him to pound that pussy in doggy. When Lulu has had her fill of Tony’s hardon, she returns to sucking it until he rewards her with a mouthful of sperm that dribbles down her chin as she swallows.

Pornstar: Lulu Chu

Release Date: Sep 11, 2020

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