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Destiny Cruz has made a shambles in the house, and Tyler Steel is fed up with it! He’s ready to confront Destiny about her dirty living habits, but he can’t locate her until he goes outside and looks out the window. That’s when he notices his baby stepsis blowing some rando on her knees. Tyler decides to take a video of Destiny doing something nefarious. When Destiny complains about being confronted about the messes she makes, Tyler threatens that if she doesn’t clean up, he’ll share the footage to their parents. Destiny attempts to snare Tyler’s phone. They are chasing each other into the living room. Tyler is open to finding an alternative compromise if Destiny wants to…

Cocky adoration Destiny is willing to take care of Tyler’s needs in exchange for his deleting the video. She gets down on her knees and licks and strokes his stiff dick. BJ gets Destiny’s motor going by sucking Tyler in a deep throat, so they go to the bedroom to take care of business. Destiny gives Tyler another blowjob before stripping down and sinking into that cock. She leans forward while riding in reverse cowgirl to increase the angle of entry. Destiny’s hairy twat is a tremendous turnon for Tyler when she spins around to resume her ride.

Tyler shoves into his stepsis from behind, getting her on her hands and knees to deliver it to her in doggie. Destiny rocks back to meet Tyler’s every stroke, panting with excitement. She then flips onto her back and greets Tyler as he returns to her twat. Destiny sits up and watches intently as Tyler strokes himself off that last little bit after she has achieved a final climax. As Tyler gives her a complete facial, she opens her lips wide to get as much of Tyler’s jizz as she can.

Pornstar: Destiny Cruz

Release Date: Sep 4, 2020


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