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Emma Hix is incredibly horny, and her stepbrother Codey Steele ultimately notices her masturbating all over the home. To capture her in the act, he sets up surveillance cameras. Emma fondling her tits and giving her bare snatch lots of pussy fingering activity soon finds him with enough of footage. She confronts her stepbrother after discovering one of Codey’s spy cameras. She notices Codey has a boner and that he must have been watching her in the middle of their quarrel.

He taunts his stepsister with his stiffie while whipping out his cock. They scuffle, and Emma’s mouth unintentionally brushes up against Codey’s dick. She apologizes before realizing she really wants to lick it. She leans closer and wraps her delicate lips over Codey’s shaft as he pushes her to pursue her aspirations. Emma quickly finds herself on her back with her knees pushed up and her stepbrother banging her cock hungry fuck hole.

Emma is on her hands and knees, giggling with joy as Codey slams his fist into her pussy. She then has him take her position on the bed so she can climb on top and ride his fuck stick till she blows up. As she climbs off and licks Codey off till he gives her a mouthful of hot jizz to savour, her climax is still making her squirm.

Pornstar: Emma Hix

Release Date: Jan 19, 2018


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