Fuck Me First

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When Tony comes discovers Gia Paige sneaking into her stepbrother Tony’s room to grab his tennis racket, he is surprised. They scream at each other, but their disagreement swiftly devolves into a sexual one. When Gia claims she can beat Tony off better than he can beat himself, the tension between the stepsiblings becomes evident. He counters that he could stay in her loose pussy for a long time, then bends her over the bed and flips up her miniskirt to demonstrate his point.

Gia’s panties is around her ankles the next thing she knows, and Tony is pounding her fuck hole from behind. Tony takes her hard enough to make her whole buttocks wobble as they continue to talk crap to each other. Gia lays down on her back with her knees drawn to her chest so Tony can bang her hairy twat with deep strokes after she removes her garments. He rubs her clit to bring her off and she drops to her knees to put her lips around his enormous stiffie so she can suck her own juices off in a deep throat BJ.

Tony shifts on his back on the bed so Gia can touch and suck some more. She then puts herself over his fuck stick and slowly lowers herself until she’s completely impaled and ready to start a stiffie ride. She becomes completely absorbed in it, spinning around to ride him in reverse cowgirl position till she is completely satisfied. Only then does she climb down and return to sucking Tony off with her sassy tongue till he fills her mouth with a cumshot that she happily swallows.

Pornstar: Gia Paige

Release Date: Jan 12, 2018


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