April Fools

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Izzy Bell climbs into bed with her stepbrother Logan Long. She claims she wants to fuck while dressed in her bra and pantyhose. Izzy chuckles at how Logan falls for her joke and flees away as soon as Logan starts jerking it. Later, while her partner sits in the living room, Logan returns the favor by finding Izzy with her hands full and fondling her. Logan isn’t finished yet, despite Izzy’s belief that they’ve evened the score. He keeps squirting new shampoo on Izzy’s head till it goes in her eyes while she’s in the shower.

Logan climbs out of his shorts and pushes into Izzy’s tight twat from behind once she can’t see. Logan isn’t about to let their business go undone just because she tosses him out of the shower. Logan removes Izzy’s miniskirt and reinserts his cock into her snatch while bending her over the bed. Izzy is gasping her ecstasy as Logan massages her fuck hole with his massive dick the next thing she knows.

As Logan continues to screw her, Izzy turns onto her side and gasps at the unfamiliar angle of entrance. Logan’s hardon hits all the right locations to knock her off her feet when she rolls fully onto her back. She’s completely absorbed as she swaps positions with her stepbrother and rides him with lengthy hip strokes while he squeezes her titties. Izzy is in the midst of a climax when Logan places her on her back again and fills her twat with a surprise creampie.

Pornstar: Izzy Bell

Release Date: Mar 30, 2018


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