Step Sister Wants To Be A Pornstar

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During her stay in quarantine, Samantha Reigns has had some time to consider what she wants to be when she grows up. She invites her stepbrother, Jason, in to discuss her plan. She points out that her friends are making a lot of money by sharing nudes on social media. She promises Jason a portion of the proceeds if he takes nudes of her. Jason understands that he can be purchased, so he ultimately accepts. Jason is soon capturing images of his lovely stepsis stripping and striking sensual postures.

Samantha pushes her luck even further when Jason appears to be at ease with the scenario. She claims that when her buddy shoots photographs with her lover, she earns a lot more money. Jason ultimately caves in and allows her persuade him to include his dick in the photo. Jason lets Samantha bring his cock close and begins sucking while lying on his back. She’s surprisingly talented with her hands and tongue, making Jason work hard while he takes shots. When Samantha finally recommends that the best money might be made by handing out extreme photos, Jason quickly agrees.

Samantha tosses her head back as she bounces away after climbing atop Jason’s cock and slides down till her tight hairless pussy is full of the D. Then she spins around so Jason can photograph her booty trembling as she reverse cowgirls him. Another position that allows Jason to pound his hot stepsis without being seen on camera is doggy style. Samantha’s moans get louder and louder as Jason settles into a routine of handing it over to her. Samantha spreads herself wide open on her back, ready for Jason to finish her off one final time. Jason eventually caves in to Samantha’s pleadings and pulls out his come shot to cover her. Samantha smiles contentedly, speculating that she’ll earn a fortune with these photographs and the ones they’ll continue to create.

Pornstar: Samantha Reigns

Release Date: Aug 21, 2020


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