Taking Care Of My Step Bro

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Alex Coal takes care of her stepbrother, Jay Romero, in any way she can, especially now that Jay has injured his wrist. Lilly Bell, Alex’s friend, is perplexed by how much Alex does for Jay. Lilly can’t help but suspect that there’s more going on between the stepsiblings than Alex’s desire to look after Jay. When Alex draws a bath for Jay and then throws Lilly out so she may bathe him, Lilly becomes even more suspicious. Lilly storms in and claims that she knew there was more going on between the stepsibs just as Alex is really soaping Jay’s dick up. There isn’t, Alex insists, but Lilly isn’t buying it. Jay gets a hardon when she displays her tits at him. That irritates Alex, who thinks Lilly has increased the amount of work she needs to perform.

The stepsiblings go to the bedroom, where Alex begins massaging Jay to keep him from thinking filthy thoughts while still meeting his basic needs. She begins sucking Jay’s cock since it causes him to come quicker. Lilly is taken aback by how excited she is to witness Alex sucking off her stepbrother. She rubs her tits and then asserts that she can get Jay off more quickly. Lilly transforms it into a competition by pushing Alex out of the way. Alex isn’t going to let Lilly win, so she pushes her way back into the game to make a double BJ.

Jay hasn’t climaxed yet, so Alex convinces him to lie down on the bed so she can get onto his dick and reverse cowgirl ride him. Lilly insists it’s still just business, but it’s still hot enough for her to finger bang herself while watching. When Alex comes to kneel in front of Lilly to shove it in, Lilly gets to experience Alex’s dick. Alex takes the opportunity to climb onto Lilly’s mouth for a different kind of ride. Getting on her hands and knees, Alex enjoys a pussy pounding in doggy while she feasts on Lilly’s snatch. The girls swap spots so Lilly can get the same treatment. Jay manages to Satisfy Lilly right before pulls out and cums all over her ass and Alex’s face. Lilly promises not to tell anyone how Alex takes care of her stepbrother as long as she can help out.

Pornstar: Alex CoalLilly Bell

Release Date: Nov 20, 2020


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