Perving On My Stepsister

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As she adjusts to life with her stepbrother Lucky Fae, Leana Lovings Around the house, she enjoys donning exposing clothing, which Lucky finds amusing. When Lucky enters the room today, Lena Leana is lying on her belly with her miniskirt up to reveal her underwear. Lucky takes advantage of the fact that Leana isn’t looking to see his fill. When Leana finally does meet her stepbrother, she asks him not to peek because her door doesn’t completely close.

Lucky interprets it as a request to come swoon over his attractive stepsister. Thought to be sly, he trips and falls into the door. Leana jumps into the bathroom after telling Lucky she doesn’t know if he’s always wanted a sister or if he wants to stick his dick in her small pussy. Leana opens the door slightly and pulls his dick out to beat his meat. Lucky follows her. Leana’s mother approaches Lucky from behind, startling him, but this only gives Leana the chance to kneel down and start sucking his dick. Leana leans over the counter so that Lucky can bash it into her from behind after they agree to try their best to contain the groan.

The stepsiblings move to the bedroom and finally give in to their long-repressed horniness. Leana boards the D and rides it in reverse cowgirl before returning to cowgirl. Leana’s eyes soon roll back in her head in pure joy because it feels so nice. Lucky really loves to pound her pussy when Leana rolls over on her back. Her stepbrother’s wonderful dick ramming in and out of her avaricious snatch is all she can think about. Lucky can only comply with Leana’s every request as she begs him to cum all over her. Leana moves away and spreads her thighs, giving Lucky a place to land directly on her bare mound. She licks the tips of her fingers while dredging her fingers in the goodie while wearing cum.

Pornstar: Leana Lovings

Release Date: Jun 24, 2022


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