You Cant Get Me Off In Under Two Minutes

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Alex Coal and Molly Little are chatting while playing a game of foosball. Rico Hernandez, Molly’s stepbrother, can’t help but sex on them. When Alex begins making suggestive hand motions on the foosball handles and the topic of conversation changes to giving a good handjob, he receives more than he bargained for. Alex dismisses Rico as he approaches, noting that all men are simple pickings. Rico is given two minutes’ notice by Molly, who then shouts at him for criticizing her family sex dream.

Later, Rico re-joins the girls while they are using their phones in the living room. While speaking to Alex, he pulls his dick out and orders the women to remove him from the scene in less than two minutes. Molly jerks him off as Alex offers to time it. It is ineffective! The girls switch places, and Molly notices that Alex has her tits out and is about to give Rico a handi. When Alex also fails, Rico informs the girls that he can make them both cum in under two minutes since he is so skilled. He’s on. They take off their shorts and thongs and sit down on the couch. Rico places his hands on their clitoral regions and instructs them to try their best not to scream.

Now that Alex has had one courtesy of Rico, she’s not about to let the opportunity to fuck him pass her by. She gets on her hands and knees so Rico can do her in doggy despite Molly’s halfhearted protests. Molly finds that watching her friend bang her stepbrother is super hot, so she leans back and rubs herself down as Alex bumps and grinds against Rico. Molly continues to play until Alex jumps onto Rico’s lap for a cowgirl fry. While Alex is transitioning to reverse cowgirl, Molly’s mother briefly interrupts them, but their sex must continue! When they change to missionary, Molly decides she wants to be involved. To get it from Rico until she cums nice and hard around his dick, she tags out with Alex and leaves the area. Later, Rico creampies his stepsister before realizing she isn’t using birth control.

Pornstar: Alex CoalMolly Little

Release Date: Jul 1, 2022


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