When Things Go Too Far

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Kenzie Reeves and Lacy Lennon have enrolled in fight training and are eager to put their new skills to the test. They proceed to find Lacy’s stepbrother, AJ, after changing into their fatigues together. They explain what they expect from him, and AJ isn’t interested. He grudgingly agrees to let the ladies practice their moves on him, but that isn’t the situation Kenzie and Lacy are attempting to concoct. They need AJ’s dick out, and they need it to be a hard dick. They urge AJ to assault Kenzie so she can protect herself after he has finally cooperated. That’s OK until AJ takes down Kenzie’s trousers and then slips at the vital time, allowing his dick to glide directly into Kenzie’s hot pussy.

Lacy can’t believe her stepbro has gone to such lengths with her buddy, or that Kenzie is allowing it to happen! Kenzie, on the other hand, seemed to be having a fantastic time. Lacy is quickly engrossed in the situation rather than shocked by it. Lacy finds it shockingly hot to watch Kenzie have her pussy hammered and takes off her shirt and pants to join in. She begins with suckling Kenzie’s titties and progresses to licking AJ’s dick clean. When AJ and Lacy decide to test out their newfound stepsibling connection, Kenzie jumps on the sofa so Lacy can finger bang her and suck her eager twat while AJ fucks Lacy from behind.

When Kenzie finds herself poised on her shoulders, the trio becomes a little acrobatic. As AJ raises her ass and glides into her creamy glove, her firm nipples stand proud. Lacy assists the pair in maintaining their equilibrium, and she continues to do so while Kenzie rides AJ’s man meat while balancing on one knee with her other leg on the sofa. Kenzie takes a break to let Lacy to ride AJ’s dick, but that doesn’t mean she’s through having fun. She places her twat just over AJ’s lips, allowing her to ride his tongue and fingers. When the females have gotten their fill of AJ, they team up to make him pop. He shovels a massive amount of food into the girls’ mouths, which snowballs to their mutual enjoyment.

Pornstar: Kenzie ReevesLacy Lennon

Release Date: Jan 8, 2021



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