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Elsa Jean has high standards, but she knows she has a stunning physique that her stepbrother Tony lusts after. She takes advantage of this when she begs Tony for money to buy some shoes. Elsa brings Tony down to a handie when he asks Elsa give him a BJ in exchange. When she’s through caressing Tony, she happily grabs his credit card and starts shopping.

For a long time, shoes aren’t enough to fulfill Elsa’s need to buy. She returns to Tony, this time pleading for additional money to purchase an expensive purse. Elsa agrees to fuck Tony if it gives her what she wants when Tony points out that her latest wish will need far more than a handjob. She shows her enormous ass while pulling up her miniskirt, then bends down so Tony can hammer her from behind. As they move to the bedroom, they are both ready for more after that appetizer on the couch.

Elsa makes sure Tony is nice and hard by sucking him down like a Hoover and then riding him with her tight tiny pussy on his fuck stick. She switches to reverse cowgirl and allows him to view that ass one again. He definitely enjoys the bootay because he forces Elsa to get down on her hands and knees so he may pound her pussy. Elsa spreads her thighs and lets Tony have his way with her till he’s on the point of cumming. Tony hands her his credit card for a job well done after he has pulled out and blew his load all over his stepsis.

Pornstar: Elsa Jean

Release Date: Aug 30, 2019

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