Fuck For A Haircut

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Gianna Dior requires the assistance of her stepbrother Lucas Frost in order to prepare for her beauty school exam. She asks Lucas if she may trim his hair, but he initially declines. Lucas agrees to do it for a blowjob after some haggling. When that fails, he tells Gianna that he’ll simply be peeking down her shirt the entire time, but he’ll do it anyhow. After relocating to the kitchen, Lucas allows Gianna to drape the cloak over him before finding a hole in an inconvenient location. Gianna denies jerking off other males while cutting their hair.

Lucas pervs on Gianna’s bra as she bends down to trim his hair, just as he promised. He puts his dick through the hole in the cape when he’s good and erect. Gianna is terrified, but Lucas persuades her to touch it by suggesting that if he gets a handie, it will go away. Gianna nods unwillingly and then remains silent as Lucas undoes her top to stroke her large breasts. He takes advantage of the situation to get his gorgeous stepsister into sucking him off.

Lucas has no issue convincing Gianna to have sex now that she’s gone as far as a blowjob. As he sits in the chair, she pulls her panties aside and rides his fuck stick. They both strip down, then Gianna sits in a different chair and spreads her thighs so Lucas may control her well-kept snatch. Gianna leans over the table, allowing Lucas to screw her from behind till he pulls away and jizzes her back. Instead of helping his sister prepare for her exam, Lucas takes a break.

Pornstar: Gianna Dior

Release Date: Aug 23, 2019

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