Sex Addict Siblings

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Rob Carpenter has a major sex addiction problem, which causes him to jerk off in unexpected places throughout the house, leaving cum surprises for his stepsister Chloe Cherry to discover. Chloe confronts Rob about his preferences as she emerges from the shower and discovers jizz in her towel. When she gets to his room, he’s jacking it with a pair of her underwear! In a desperate attempt to help him, Chloe promises to lend him a hand provided he agrees to stop putting salty surprises all over the place. Rob agrees, but when Chloe’s hands are unable to remove him, he wants her hot tiny tongue instead. That finally works, and Chloe even goes out of her way to swallow Rob’s cumshot.

Rob doesn’t keep his half of the bargain, which is unfortunate for Chloe. When she discovers he’s jacked off into her pajama bottoms, she offers to truly fuck him for the first time if he’ll go to sex addiction counseling. Rob agrees since he’s always wanted his stepsister’s pussy wrapped around his dick. He’s quickly buried balls deep in Chloe’s eager snatch, listening to her breathy screams of joy. He can’t help himself as he stuffs a creampie of sperm into her soft twat, much to Chloe’s surprise and dismay.

Chloe visits Rob in his room a few weeks later. He’s defensive at first because he’s been going to counseling and hasn’t cheated, but Chloe sheepishly admits that he’s not the only sex addict in the family. Rob isn’t about to say no to another try with his stepsister, and he’s soon joyfully paddling away at her as she kneels face down on the bed. Rob gives Chloe a favor by pulling out this time to coat her muff in jizz when they ride to climax.

Pornstar: Chloe Cherry

Release Date: Sep 28, 2018


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