Step Sis Gets Back At Her Boyfriend

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Busty Fiona Frost just ended her relationship with her partner. Jason, her stepbrother, hears the argument and goes upstairs to investigate what’s going on. Fiona isn’t ready to take the split lying down without a fight. She asks Jason if she may take a picture of herself clutching his dick and send it to her ex in the hopes that he will regret ever cheating on her. Jason first refuses since he is perplexed by the fact that he is Fiona’s stepbrother, but he soon accepts. There’s just one problem: Jason’s dick is still soft when Fiona pops it out.

Fiona is so determined to avenge her ex that she is prepared to go to any length to obtain those embarrassing images. To get Jason to full arousal, she pulls off her shirt and begins sucking him off. She eventually realizes that taking pictures of Jason’s dick in her mouth will have a far more dramatic impact than simply stroking it. Fiona adores blowing Jason so much that she reverts to wanting sperm on her face for the shot once more.

Jason offers to jizz for Fiona on the condition that she fucks him first. She’s delighted to help, reclining and guiding him into her creamy twat. Jason is in such a good mood that Fiona can’t help but gasp with pleasure as he hammers her naked snatch. Fiona wiggles her ass and flips onto her tummy to let Jason back into her fuck hole. He pushes himself back in and fingers Fiona’s ass cheek with one hand, allowing him to insert his thumb inside her bottom. Jason continues to pound his pussy till he’s about to release his load. Pulling Fiona away from him, he flips her over to give her a cum facial. Fiona smiles as she takes a few images to give to her ex.

Pornstar: Fiona Frost

Release Date: Jun 18, 2021


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