Sneaky Stepsister

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Jessica Ryan just remarried and relocated her daughter, Jessie Saint, to her new stepfather and stepson. Jessie is smitten with her stepbrother, Rion King, immediately once, but she knows her mother would disapprove if she flirts openly. She chooses to be deceptive with her comeons. She waits until Rion is brushing his teeth before joining him in the bathroom’s cramped quarters. Jessie creeps between Rion and the sink to brush her butt on his cock after rubbing her front against his back. Jessica pokes her head into the bathroom just as Rion pops a boner. Jessica only notices how well the new stepsiblings get along, but she is completely unaware of the sexual tension in the room.

Jessie later joins Rion on the couch. She assesses the situation for a second before crawling all over Rion and pretends to be seeking for an earring. Rion tries to defuse the situation by informing Jessie that he can see her underwear, but Jessie just responds that her underwear is wet because her pussy is soaking for Rion. When Jessie’s mother walks in to check what they’re up to, Rion has just slipped it in. She grabs a brushes and claims Rion was about to brush her hair in order to explain her position in his lap. Jessica is once again impressed by the stepsiblings’ exemplary behavior, so she excuses herself to go to the shop and instructs them to be nice while she’s gone.

Jessie can finally enjoy the fuck she’s been craving now that her mother is out of the way. She bounces away on Rion’s cock before turning around to thrust her tits in her face and continuing her ride. Jessie rolls onto her back and spreads herself out wide enough for Rion to reenter her. Rion can even knead Jessie’s breasts while fucking her since the cradle of her thighs is large enough. As Rion pushes into her in doggy, Jessie gets her final kicks on her hands and knees, rocking back to meet every one of his thrusts. She finishes Rion off with a blowjob and a handie, which causes him to pop in her face, resulting in a sticky end.

Pornstar: Jessie Saint

Release Date: Jun 25, 2021


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