Redhead Step Sister

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Maya Kendrick is watching TV when her stepbrother Lucas Frost takes over the remote and switches the channel. When she argues, he shoves her out of the way and finds that she isn’t wearing any underwear under her miniskirt. When Maya’s mother, Fallon West, chastises them and takes control, they briefly stop squabbling. When Fallon orders the two stepsiblings to keep quiet, Lucas takes out his dick and gropes Maya’s tits. Maya is worried that they’ll be discovered, but she can’t say no when Lucas flips her skirt up to stroke her clit while he masturbates.

She wiggles her bottom as she gets down on her hands and knees, inviting Lucas to slide his dick inside. He pauses while seeking for his stepmother, then accepts her offer. Maya is having trouble keeping the groan with Lucas’s dick inside her, so he reaches out to assist her out by holding a palm over his mouth. Maya cums, but Lucas insists on her continuing to fuck him so he can complete as well. She initially protests, but eventually decides to ride his hardon as softly as can while her mother folds laundry behind her.

The hot redhead is ready for another climax, which Lucas gladly provides as he elevates one of her ankles to rest on his shoulder, allowing him to slide back into that warm glove. As she approaches another climax, her nipples stiffen, and she struggles to keep her voice down as her body pulses. Maya sucks Lucas’s dick for a scorching minute before he takes over, giving himself a hand job till he cums all over his redheaded stepsister’s face, climbing off the couch and collapsing to her knees. Fallon notices what’s going on and gets up from the table to whisk her daughter out of the room as Lucas leans back in contentment.

Pornstar: Maya Kendrick

Release Date: Oct 19, 2018


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