Cant Quit My Step Sis

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Last weekend, Cecelia Taylor and her stepbrother Jason had a little affair, and Jason can’t get it out of his head. Jason is aware that Cecelia now has a boyfriend and that their parents are napping in the next room, but he can’t help himself when he sees Cecelia naked in the shower. Before approaching her and suggesting that they fuck, he waits for his gorgeous stepsis to get out of the shower and dry herself off. Cecelia attempts to convince them that they shouldn’t, but it’s evident that she wants D. Cecelia believes it’s okay to give in once Jason pledges to keep it a secret.

Cecelia gets down on her knees and takes out Jason’s hardon for a blowjob to whet his hunger. He can’t get enough of his cock wrapped in his sexy sister’s lips! They go to Cecelia’s room, where she reclines in bed and spreads her thighs so Jason may give it to her. Jason knows precisely what his sister enjoys since they’ve practiced together. As she sits on the edge of the bed, he delivers it to her hard and fast. Then he goes into bed and sleeps on his back, giving Cecelia some time to herself.

Cecelia impales herself on Jason’s fuck stick and starts swaying her hips. She starts off like a cowgirl, then spins around to resume her ride as Jason admires her ass. Cecelia falls over onto her stomach and spreads her ass cheeks to welcome Jason back within. He dives right in, leaving Cecelia squealing with joy at her climax. Jason too blows a nut a split second later, leaving Cecelia satiated and coated in dripping sperm.

Pornstar: Cecelia Taylor

Release Date: Apr 16, 2021


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