Stepsis Wont Let Me Fuck The Babysitter

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A babysitter is needed for Lucky Fae and Kyler Quinn’s little brother. The new sitter is Lily Larimar, and as soon as Lucky enters the room, he starts making advances toward her. As they arrange a date for later, it is clear that Lily and Lucky are attracted to one another. But before they can finish talking, Kyler enters and asks what’s going on. Since Kyler is obviously jealous, Lily departs to go make a bottle for her pupil. Kyler announces that her stepbrother doesn’t need to ask the nanny for some when she is alone with Lucky.

Later, Kyler enters the living room to discover Lucky and Lily having a sexual encounter. She replies by saying she needs Lucky’s pants because she is doing laundry. She kneels down and pulls Lucky’s pants down to reveal his large boner. Kyler doesn’t dispute Lily’s accusation that he merely did it to get to the dick first. Lily, who is not one to give up easily, slips her shirt off while claiming that her tits are more attractive. Kyler pulls her shirt down in an effort to disprove Lily, which allows Lily the opportunity to take control of sucking Lucky off. Although Kyler isn’t about to part with her BJ, she is at least open to sharing with Lily.

Kyler pouts at first as Lily intensifies the situation by getting on Lucky’s lap and taking a seat for a reverse cowgirl stiffie ride. Kyler ultimately starts flicking her clit and finger fucking her pussy since she finds it to be quite sexy to watch the babysitter ride her stepbrother. Due to Lily’s observation, Kyler receives the D, allowing Lily to take a turn on the reverse-cowgirl ride. When Lily’s turn comes around once more, she rolls over so Lucky may knock her on the couch. Lily uses the chance to jump across Kyler’s face for a full-on threesome, while Kyler exposes her thighs for the exact same treatment. The girls share him one last time before Lucky bursts into both of their open lips once he is certain that they are both satiated.

Pornstar: Kyler QuinnLily Larimar

Release Date: Apr 29, 2022


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