I Like To Put Things In My Mouth

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Sia Rose is Tony’s new stepsister, and he can’t help but think she’s a hottie. Tony quickly understands that his teen stepsister has an out-of-control oral obsession. Sia, on the other hand, enjoys putting things in her mouth in the most sensuous manner imaginable. She also enjoys it when Tony observes her doing it. Sia is overjoyed at the prospect of going to the bedroom and receiving a mouthful of something harder and muskier after she had teased Tony with a cupcake and icing.

Sia effortlessly entices Tony to explore her delicious curves by taking down her shorts to show off her ass in its g-string and then pulling up her shirt to show off her titties. Tony attempts to refuse, but he’s helpless to refuse when Sia expresses her desire to have her older brother’s dick shoved into her mouth. Tony is putty in Sia’s hands once she starts sucking him off with her sloppy BJ. Tony falls in to the impulse to fuck that tight teen puss as she turns onto her belly and waves that ass at him.

Tony isn’t holding anything back now that he’s committed. He fucks Sia hard while rolling her over to watch her small titties bounce. Then he gets down on the bed and pulls Sia up on top of him so she can ride that hard cock in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl across town. Sia ultimately goes down on her knees and licks her own fluids off Tony’s hardon when she’s had her fill of climaxes. She maintains her BJ till Tony pops and offers her a mouthful of hot cum to go with her oral obsession.

Pornstar: Sia Lust

Release Date: Jan 29, 2021


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